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Once you've signed up, we'll provide you with a personal referral link. This customizable link is unique to you and tracks the traffic you send our way.

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Integrate your unique link into your content—whether it's video content, podcasts, or social media posts. Talk about your experience with Zencastr, share tips, and let your audience know how they can benefit from using our platform.

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Earn Cash

Earn 20% recurring commission through the first year of each new subscriber that you refer to a paid plan.

Extended Attribution Window

We offer a generous 60-day cookie window, giving your referrals plenty of time to explore
and subscribe.

Unlimited Earnings Potential

There’s no cap on payouts. The more subscribers you bring in, the more you earn.

Continuous Commissions

As long as your referrals remain subscribed, you'll earn monthly commissions for up to 12 months.

Transparent Tracking

Use our dedicated affiliate dashboard to track your performance—view clicks, conversions, and earnings, and get paid directly to your PayPal account on a monthly basis. 

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Where can I share my unique link to promote Zencastr?

You can integrate your unique link into various content formats such as video content, podcasts, social media posts, or newsletters. Share your experience with Zencastr and encourage your audience to try it out using your referral link. For more information about host-read podcast sponsorships specifically, email us at

Are there any restrictions on how I can promote Zencastr products as an affiliate?

Yes, there are some important restrictions on the places you can promote Zencastr. Adding your referral link or coupon code to coupon and discount aggregator sites is strictly prohibited. Posting on official Zencastr social media accounts to drive traffic to your personal sites is also forbidden. Additionally, using your referral link in any paid media, such as search engine ads or Facebook ads, is not allowed as it may compete with Zencastr marketing efforts and cause confusion for potential users.

The full Zencastr Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions can be viewed here and should be reviewed before signing up for the program. Zencastr reserves the right to reverse commissions, withhold payments, terminate the affiliate agreement, and remove users from the program if violations to these terms occur.

How are commissions calculated and paid under the Zencastr Affiliate Program?

Affiliates earn a standard commission rate of 20% on eligible products (Zencastr paid plans for monthly or annual subscriptions; note that custom-priced packages are excluded). Commissions are paid in USD via PayPal, with a minimum payout threshold of $50, issued 30 days after the sale. To view your earnings, simply log into your Rewardful dashboard here

What does the 60-day cookie window mean?

The 60-day cookie window means that once someone clicks on your unique referral link to Zencastr, if they subscribe to Zencastr within this period you earn a commission for the referral. This allows your audience time to explore Zencastr at their own pace before making a purchase, while ensuring you still earn commissions for qualifying referrals.

Can I use link shorteners for sharing my referral links?

Yes, you can use link shorteners to share your Unique Referral Link. Rewardful, our tracking service, will still be able to track clicks and attribute them to your account accurately. We’ve made a guide for you here.

I have more questions! 

Review our complete FAQs here. For any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to email us at